Golden Gate Xpress

In the fall of 2013 I studied at San Francisco State University. Below is a selection of work I did for their on campus news paper Golden Gate Xpress.

On the side of the student center at SF State there is a mural honoring Palestinian American scholar Edward Said. The General Union of Palestinian Student at the school organise a yearly march from the centers central square to the mural, followed by a discussion about Palestinian issues inside the center. Anytime people are seen holding Palestinian flags it’s a certain cause for controversy, but GUPS only welcomes the opportunity to share their views on Palestine and the situation in the middle east.

The glass blowing class at San Francisco State University has long had a special status at the college. Students pay lab fees of $1400,- to keep the expensive ovens in the tiny classroom going. In 2014 however, it is decided that the class will have to be cut. According to administrators the class is just too expensive. They also¬†consider glass blowing to be more of a craft than an art form and therefore it doesn’t belong in the art department. In the last days of the glass class’s existence students organise a rally to persuade college administrators otherwise.

Candlestick park has been the home for San Francisco’s 49ers since 1971, but in 2013 they play their last season in ‘The Stick’. The stadium has never been ideal as a sporting location because of the unpredictable winds that would swoop into it. So at the start of the 2014 season the NFL team moves to Santa Clara.

Every year thousands of visitors flock to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. As you’d expect in a city like San Francisco, among those visitors are some unique characters. Maybe a little too unique.

Golden Gate Park in SanFrancisco is a perfect location for cross country running which is why SF State organise the SF State invitational there. Runners from all over the bay area gather in the park for a full day of races.

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